Dancing Bearfoot®

A bit of backstory as to why we are compelled to share our profits with worthy organizations. On November 28th 2016 the Chimney Tops Fire swept through Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains area. We had only owned the cabin for a little over a month when this occurred. The night the fire swept through the mountains like many other people we prayed our little cabin would be spared.  We believe you should pray for people and guidance but not for things, that night we broke that rule. The fire was headed straight for our community when the rains came and the winds shifted.  We were spared but 14 people lost their lives and over 2,500 homes and structures were lost.

The next day I had a cross made for the cabin to commemorate that night and how lucky we were.  The cross hangs in the dining room of the cabin. Since we were spared we feel the cabin needs to be more than a place for people to build memories, it will be a place to help others in need so we started the Our Cabin Cares Project. In our case, we decided to help people in need through St Vincent de Paul Society, the wildlife in need through Appalachian Bear Rescue and the National Park itself through Friends of the Smokies and the Great Smoky Mountains Association. All of these organizations do great work and we're proud to be associated with each.

In 2018 we were honored to be one of only six properties in the United States to have our works noticed by the prestigious Star Throwers organization and in 2019 our efforts were part of the closing keynote speech on social responsibility at the the Vacation Rental World Summit in Como Italy.

When you stay with us not only are you having a great vacation but you're also helping the needy, the wildlife and the National Park.