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TN Whiskey Trail 
Come be a part of the legend.

This is your passport to the world of Tennessee Whiskey! Discover timeless craft secrets, immerse yourself in the local culture, learn more about Tennessee’s storied history and traditions, meet some iconic distillers, and taste where legendary spirits came from on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail. At each stop, get a behind-the-scenes tour showcasing the detailed craftsmanship behind every bottle and jar of Tennessee Whiskey.

So take your time, enjoy the open road, stop and meet the locals, savor the finest whiskeys at their source, try the soul food, and explore all the small towns along the way. This is your official travel guide to tasting the best whiskey Tennessee has to offer—over 25 legendary distilleries are waiting to show you around.

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The Choice Is Yours
Are you analog or digital?

Experience the TN Whiskey Trail one of two ways. For those who like to hold something in their hand, pick up a hard copy of the official TN Whiskey Trail Passport at any one of the participating distilleries. Start collecting stamps with each distillery visit, and once you’ve visited them all, redeem your completed passport for a commemorative gift. You’ll need to register your passport with us before embarking on your journey. Find out how to register your passport at the bottom of this web page.

If technology is your thing, download the official TN Whiskey Trail app for your Apple iOS or Google Android device, then collect stamps digitally by “checking in” to distilleries along the trail. Once you’ve visited them all, you’ll be able to send in your confirmation and we’ll send you your prize.

Sevierville Area

Keep heading east toward Sevierville by way of Thunder Road, a historic route that got its nickname as part of an undercover operation to nab moonshiners illegally producing that “good old mountain dew” during prohibition. Stop by Old Tennessee Distilling Co., a distillery that pays homage to the legendary route and the whiskey runners’ spirit that inspired its namesake.

Continue south, then take a short detour to Tennessee Legend Distillery in Sevierville. From flavorful Tennessee whiskies to smooth, classic White Lightning Moonshine, this distillery captures the legendary recipes of the mountains with its distinct flavors.

Your next stop is Hartford, TN for a taste of Bootleggers Distillery’s whiskey, which may just be the smallest batch distillery in the nation with its small-batch products brewed in 25-gallon stills.


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Pigeon Forge Area

Once you get to Pigeon Forge, be sure to check out the Old Forge Distillery in The Old Mill area of town. These connoisseurs of great whiskey grind their own grains and use old-fashioned methods of distilling to craft some truly remarkable spirits. Since you’re on the cusp of the Smoky Mountains, trying some of the locally crafted moonshine is a must. If you’re brave enough, try some of their 1830 Original Unaged Corn varietal. It’s distilled with pure, local Smoky Mountain spring water which yields a slightly sweeter, smooth and well-balanced finish. After a few samples, hit the historic Old Mill Restaurant and shops next door, an 1830s-era gristmill on the banks of the Little Pigeon River transformed into a unique dining and shopping destination.

Still thirsty? Head over to the The Island in Pigeon Forge, a popular destination with many choices for entertainment, dining, shopping and lodging. Right along the entrance of the Island is the 6,000-square foot Ole Smoky Distillery, that includes an onsite still and a tasting bar, with live bluegrass music performing on the outdoor stage daily.

Gatlinburg Area

 Gatlinburg is home to some of the most unique eateries, attractions, and distilleries around, as well as stunning mountain scenery any time of the year. Take a stroll along the main parkway to soak in the eccentric sights and sounds of downtown Gatlinburg. Right along the main drag are stops at Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery, Doc Collier Moonshine, and Sugarlands Distilling Company.